About us

electromotive engineering & consulting ist a path-breaking Think-Tank for electromobility and decentral secondary and tertiary battery applications.

Our main focus lies within design and thermal management of Lithium-Ion-batteries as well as on design, construction and manufacture of stamped metal bipolar plates for PEMFC prototype purposes.

Joining over fifteen years of experience within the branch of renewable energies, batteries and fuel cells and over 50 patents within this field, our team stands for Innovation, Reliability & Punctuality.

Our offer is designed especially for small and medium-sized companies and for companies from the automotive branch. We would be happy to support you with our know-how:

  • Our experts offer advice and insight on trends and developments on the market for your marketing team.
  • We support your development team by helping to understand the electric powertrain of your electromobile, especially your li-ion battery or your PEM fuel cell even better and we offer close support to speed up your technical product development.
  • We also support your manufacturing and your quality management team by assisting with characterization and specification of purchased parts in the laboratory and provide methological support and know-how in quality control .

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