Fuel Cell Online Calculator

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This fuel cell online calculator performs approximate calculations of PEM fuel cell stacks and comparative calculations for stacks based on stamped and joined metal bipolar plates (Metal-BIP) and on carbon-based bipolar plates (C-BIP), considering internal coolant flow fields for each BIP type.


Please note, that the input volume flows are calculated as non-humidified dry gas volume flows and in norm-litres per minute, at standard conditions. Stack operating conditions deriving from standard conditions in terms of pressure, temperature, humidity etc. have to be recalculated according to that.

Very important: please use the dot as decimal separator:
Correct: 3.141 wrong: 3,141

Calculation of input volume flows of fuel and oxidant and stack performance calculation

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Active Cell Area [cm²] Stoichometry of Cathode Flow (Air/O2) [-]
Electric Current Density [A/cm²] Stoichometry of Anode Flow (H2) [-]
O2-Concentration within Cathode Flow [%] H2-Concentration within Anode flow [%]
Number of Cells in the Stack [-]
Optional Input:
Single Cell Voltage (under load) [V] Single Cell Voltage (OCV) [V]
Volume flow: Cathode Gas [Nl/min] Volume flow: Anode Gas [Nl/min]
Water Production (under load) [g/min] Production of Excess Heat [W]
Electric Stack Power (under load) [W] Stack Voltage (idle) [V]
Electric Stack Current (under load) [A] Stack Voltage (under load) [V]


Calculation of Stack Volume and Power Density:
Comparation of stamped Metal Bipolar Plates and Carbon-based Bipolar Plates

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Anode Flow Field: Channel Depth [mm]   Cathode Flow Field: Channel Depth [mm]
Coolant Flowfield: Channel Height [mm]   Percentage of the Active Cell Area on the Overall Bipolar Plate Area [%]
Thickness of Sheet Metal (Metal-BIP) [mm]
  Minimum Wall Thickness for being H2-tight (C-BIP) [mm]
Thickness of Additional Layers per Cell (E.g. witin glued / brazed BIP or bipolar plates with more than three flowfields) [mm]   Thickneess of MEA [mm]
Anode Current Collector Plate: Thickness including first Anode Flowfield [mm]   Cathode Current Collector Plate: Thickness including first Cathode Flowfield [mm]
Thickness of Electrical Isolation: Endplate – Anode Current Collector Plate [mm]   Thickness of Electrical Isolation: Endplate – Cathode Current Collector Plate [mm]
Thickness of End Plate (Anode Side) [mm]   Thickness of End Plate (Cathode Side) [mm]
Overall Height of Stack (from metal bipolar plates) [mm]   Overall Height of Stack (from carbon bipolar plates) [mm]
Base Area Stack [cm²]      
Volume of Metal-Stack [litre]   Volume of Carbon-Stack [litre]
Power Density Metal-Stack [kW/liter]   Power Density Carbon-Stack [kW/liter]