Vehicle Physics Online Calculator

This vehicle online calculator is designated for rough calculation of a vehicle’s power consumption driving at constant speed. Air temperature of 25 Degree Celsius and driving at sea level have been taken into account within standard conditions of air-drag and driving resistance.

Very important: Please use the dot as decimal separator: Correct: 3.141. Wrong: 3,141. Last updated on 2024-03-23.

overall vehicle weight [kg]   rolling resistance coefficient [-]
effective projected frontal area cw*A [m²]   road gradient [%]
headwind speed [km/h]   powertrain efficiency [%]
vehicle speed [km/h]      
  propulsion power required [W]


Use this form for calculating your effective projected frontal area cW*A:

cW-value [-]   projected frontal area [m²]   result: [m²]


This table helps with some typical parameters:

some cW-values… typical projected
frontal areas
rolling resistance coefficient:
Car air tires running on…
city bike & rider 1.2 0.6 m² cobblestone 0.013
racing bike & rider 0.85 0.42 m² asphalt 0.011
motorbike 0.7 0.8 m² dirt road 0.02
car 0.25-0.5 1.5-2 m² farm land 0.1-0.35
truck 0.8 6.5-10 m² steel wheel on railroad 0.0015